Antigua Fever

Everyone is going crazy for the beautiful island of Antigua and it is not difficult to see why people are singing its praises. Located in the West Indies, Antigua is English speaking so is very attractive to British tourist. Antigua offers brilliant weather,stunning beaches and fantastic hotels. There are also plenty of excursions to keep yourself busy such as unique eco tours through the rainforest canopy, great golf clubs and safari excursions.
If you fancy a relaxing holiday you can close your eyes and relax on one of the many beaches, the warm weather and serene blue sea are great for releasing any stress!
Windsurfing, waterskiing, beachcombing, surfing, snorkelling and scuba diving are great watersports that can be done when you are over there.
Something very unusual that is done in Antigua is crab racing, I think this sounds great and is a very laid back past time perfect for relaxing on vacation, it is staged in bars once or twice a week and is an eccentric past time that lots of people enjoy. Try a holiday in the Caribbean and let us know how if crab racing turns out to be entertaining…

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