How to avoid honeymoon hell

Let’s face it ladies – by the time you’ve planned the dress, the guests, the cake and the car, as well as all your other wedding paraphernalia, the last thing you want to be worrying about is whether or not your honeymoon is going to be a complete disaster.


With this in mind, The Wedding Channel has put together a checklist that brides-to-be may want to keep close to hand as the Big Day approaches, covering everything from legal advice to how to avoid hurricanes on that all-important trip.


For a start, it sensibly recommends not blowing the budget, but setting out what you can afford and sticking to it, making the most of special offers or off-peak travel deals.


Next, loved-up couples should check up on what they need to take passport and document-wise, as well as whether they will need any injections – especially useful if you want to avoid a dose of malaria on what should be the most romantic break of your life.


On a more fun note, the site also suggests making a brief itinerary of what you can do when you get to the destination – although we suggest making it more of a guide than a military-style operation.


Finally, it suggests making sure you know the climate of the place you are heading to – ie, don’t choose the Bahamas in hurricane season.


If you follow these tips, chances are you will have a honeymoon to remember for all the right reasons – why not share your honeymoon memories below to help others plan theirs?


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