Luxury holidays ‘are all about the experience’

Although the news on television and the radio is currently full of doom and gloom bulletins about how people are having to cut back to save money, it seems the travel industry is more optimistic when it comes to people booking luxury holidays.


Speaking at the recent travel convention held by the Association of British Travel Agents, Martin Lomax, who runs a travel firm, said that the people who take such breaks do so for the experience and so are less likely to be bothered about the cash.


Travel Mole quotes him as saying that five million people in the UK have a yearly wage of over £50,000, meaning that there is still a large market for luxury breaks.


In fact, it seems the more wealthy are even treating others to five-star holidays – Mr Lomax said that 16 per cent of the holidays his company has sold are for three people; the couple and their nanny. Although what they do with the child is anyone’s guess.


The comments follow news in August that 43 per cent of people see holidays as essential for their mental wellbeing.


Private bank Cater Allen also found that 17 per cent said they live for their holidays.


What do you think? Would you crack up without a holiday every year, or are you having to cut back and forego luxuries?


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