Luxury safari holiday meets Nip Tuck in South Africa

South Africa is experiencing a boom in the number of people travelling to the country in order to have medical procedures or treatments, it seems.


An article by the Associated Press states that these people, known as medical tourists, are choosing the country because they can get cheaper treatment than in Britain – presumably also avoiding the threat of superbugs – as well as enjoying a safari while they’re at it.


The Cape winelands are proving particularly popular, perhaps to provide a bit of Dutch courage for those about to undergo cosmetic surgery, while the Kruger National Park resorts have also seen an increase in visitors wearing bandages that are nothing to do with the nearby lions.


One such patient is Joy Kramel-Cox, who chose to visit South Africa for a tummy tuck, a nose job and eyelid surgery, while combining it with a luxury safari holiday.


“Having your surgery done in South Africa is like killing two birds with one stone. You lose the flab and experience one of the most awesome safari escapades in the world,” she commented.


And she is not alone – a report from the Office for National Statistics showed that more than 75,000 people travelled for treatment abroad in 2006.


So, is this the future of tourism – a quick nip and tuck before jumping in a jeep to see the sights – or is it simply another way to ruin a good holiday?




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