Baby boomers ‘want more from their holidays’

Far from sitting at home suffering from empty nest syndrome, baby boomers are making the most of their free time by opting for exciting holidays, it has been reported.

Corinne Asturias, a consumer strategist, told US publication the Pioneer Press that people aged between 44 and 62 are more likely to go bungee jumping in Thailand or grape stomping in South Africa than they are to simply sit on a beach in Benidorm.

She pointed out that this demographic has the disposable income and the free time to permit them to travel the world and that they increasingly want holidays that will challenge their minds and bodies.

“Boomers are looking for trips that will give them the cachet of being adventurous, that push the borders. Their destinations and experiences have to fuel their souls and feed their passion,” Ms Asturias remarked.

Eco-tourism – where travellers take part in volunteer projects to help the environment and local people – was also found to be growing in popularity.

It was suggested earlier this month that anyone interested in eco-tourism could travel to Thailand to take part in the Koh Yao Noi Homestay Project.

This lets visitors stay in the homes of host families on the island, allowing them to get a true Thai experience, as well as putting their money directly into local communities.

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