Get ready for your holidays, Brits urged

As everyone prepares for their winter holidays, be they breaks in the sun or on the piste, the Foreign and Commonwealth Office has spoken out to urge us to be more like to Scouts and ‘be prepared’ when it comes to going on our travels.

Its research recently found that one in five people in the UK – probably those watching too many movies – thinks that the British Embassy would lend them money if they ran out.

Clearly, this is not the case other than in very extreme circumstances, so spokesperson Jess Prasad was on hand to offer some better advice.

“Taking out comprehensive travel insurance and taking some simple steps to minimise costs could significantly reduce the risk of having an exceptionally expensive break,” she pointed out.

Other tips include taking pre-paid travel cards on holiday instead of credit card in order to reduce the temptation to overspend.

Meanwhile, insurance provider esure has also expressed concern that people intending to take part in daredevil sports while on holiday are leaving themselves vulnerable by foregoing insurance.

Some 18 per cent were thought to be poised to do so and the advice is – don’t. It could cost you big money to be flown back home.

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