Holidaymakers heading to South Africa, Thailand and Dubai

Holidays to South Africa, Thailand and Dubai are on the up as people try to get the best value from their breaks and avoid unfavourable currency exchanges, it has emerged.

National Air Traffic Services figures released this week show that fewer people are taking holidays to the US than was the case six months ago due to a slump in value of sterling.

However, holidays to other destinations were still found to be popular, with people flocking to enjoy good weather and savings in the destinations mentioned above.

“People are looking for value and hedging their bets,” said Lee Hayhurst, spokesman for Travel Trade Gazette to the Times.

It was recently suggested by Matt Rudd of the same publication that the value of the rand against the pound makes South Africa a good destination for holidays that won’t break the bank.

Meanwhile, the airline Monarch has held a poll on its website which found that 36 per cent of respondents believe the economic downturn will have no effect on their holidays, although many are making their summer 2009 bookings now so that they can save up.

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