Now Thailand is offered as a location for recuperation

Last month, we reported how South Africa is becoming a popular destination for medical tourists – those who travel to the country in order to have medical procedures or treatments.


Now, it seems that Thailand is hot on its heels, with a report in the Bangkok Post showing that more people are going there in order to benefit from cheap treatment and the prospect of a holiday to recuperate.


A wide range of procedures are available to these medical tourists – including liposuction, breast augmentation and tummy tucks – and Dr Amorn Poomee, a surgeon in the south Asian country, said that 80 per cent of his patients are now from foreign countries.


“Thai doctors are second to none. We can compete with any country,” he stated.


Thailand has always been popular with backpackers, but it is increasingly gaining kudos from other groups, including people on their honeymoon and eco-tourists.


It could be due to the beautiful scenery – which provided the backdrop for Leonardo DiCaprio’s film The Beach – as well as the fact that accommodation can vary from five-star hotels to bargain hostels costing as little as £2.50 a night.


Anyone considering holidays to Thailand may also be interested to know that the run-up to Christmas is one of the best times to go in order to get the best deals.


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