St Lucia ‘makes grown men cry’

If you’re undecided about where to go for a luxurious, decadent honeymoon, then travel writer Reb Stevenson has got a suggestion for you.


Writing for the Metro Canada, he says that the Jade Mountain resort in St Lucia could be ideal because it has sanctuaries rather than simple rooms.


In fact, the suites have four-poster beds, enormous bathtubs and living displays of plants, as well as one feature that really sets the resort apart – an unobstructed view of the Caribbean and the nearby mountains.


This is created by a glass wall and an infinity pool beyond that gives visitors the impression that they are balancing on the water itself.


Peter Jean Paul, assistant manager of the resort, said that people have rapturous reactions when they first see the rooms.


“People burst into tears. I’ve seen them jump up and down uncontrollably … And I’m talking about the men,” he said. Although we wouldn’t recommend this for men carrying their beloved over the threshold at the time.


Blissfully, phones, televisions and radios are all banned too.


Speaking on the creation of luxury retreats on St Lucia, tourism minister Allen Chastanet said: “Travel needs to be more than just relaxation, it has to be an experience.”




St Lucia is a tropical island situated in the eastern Caribbean and is a popular holiday destination for Brits.


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