‘Winter Wanderlust’ popular among Christmas-jaded Brits

A new survey has revealed that the modern idea of Christmas – ie extravagance and overspending – is losing its appeal to people in the UK, who are beginning to seek something a little more special.
Holiday Extras reports on a poll by Kayak.co.uk, which found that a whopping 60 per cent plan to get away for the festive season, with the majority dreaming of a relaxing beach holiday rather than the mad rush that is Britain in December.
Some 70 per cent said that this was because they dislike something about the festive season over here – including a cheeky eight per cent who said it was having to spend time with their in-laws!
Annie Wilson, business development director for Kayak.co.uk, said: “We’re seeing a huge shift in how and where people are choosing to celebrate. The British Christmas culture is evolving from a homebound ‘Winter Wonderland’ into a nomadic ‘Winter Wanderlust’ instead.”
And although they moaned about the prospect of spending so much time with family members at home, 90 per cent of the respondents to the survey said they would be happy to escape on a foreign holiday with them – presumably as long as they are not expected to smile when given socks again by Aunt Mildred.
Last month, we reported how the Maldives is increasingly marketing itself as a family-friendly holiday destination, which could make it ideal for those seeking a destination where everyone is welcome.
The warm, sunny weather and beautiful beaches cold be an influencing factor too…


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