A holiday for every season available at Holidaysplease

Come rain or shine, holidaysplease have the perfect holiday for every season. Whether you fancy a spring, summer, autumn or winter getaway we have the ideal destinations to make it the holiday of a lifetime. For spring time between march and may, the Caribbean is great as the demand is slightly lower at this time of year so the cost drop. The top destinations we recommend are Barbados, Antigua and Trinidad & Tobago. If you fancy a short haul journey then places such as Sardinia, Morocco, Egypt and Italy are ideal places to go to as they are rich in culture and only take a few hours to travel to. Safaris are also great value in the spring time as it tends to be wet seasons this has an effect on the price as it lowers and some of the sites are fantastic to see in this season such as the Victoria Falls. In Summer, the traditional holiday season you sometimes have to be careful where you travel as some places can be uncomfortably hot. A fantastic destination to travel to is Africa as it is very sunny but not too hot and as lots of animals will be gathering around water holes it makes it the ideal time to see plenty of animals on a safari. Destinations that we recommend are South Africa, Kenya, Botswana and Tanzania.

In Autumn, holidays to the Indian Ocean are idyllic, places such as Mauritius, Maldives and Seychelles are great all year round but tend not to be too busy in autumn.

When the nights are getting darker and colder, the perfect Winter escape will definitely lighten your spirits. Dubai, Far East and the Caribbean have warm weather that  will certainly brighten up your smile and tan.  Whatever the weather holidaysplease has the holiday for you!

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