Next Monday could be busy for holidays

What do you plan to do next Monday (December 22nd)? Deliver Christmas cards, shop for Brussels sprouts – or get away from it all?

According to a poll carried out by, this is exactly what 43 per cent of Brits plan to do in a bid to either escape from the chaos that is a modern Christmas, or to embrace it by jetting off to see friends and family.

SomeĀ 63 per cent of those leaving plan to do so next Monday, thanks to many companies having broken up for the Christmas break.

Although 41.7 per cent were indeed travelling to stay with loved ones, 28 per cent said they were leaving with their partner in order to enjoy a romantic break.

The most popular destinations for such escapees were found to be New York (no doubt for shopping in the sales), the Caribbean and the Alps (for those in search of a true winter wonderland).

Meanwhile, in related news, people going overseas have been urged not to forget to inform their bank.

This is the advice of Peter Harrison from price comparison site, who said that one person in nine had transactions that they tried to make abroad refused by their bank.

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