Party time for Thailand…

People going on their holidays to Thailand over the new year period had better pack even more party clothes and might want to start catching up on their sleep now.

This is because the Bank of Thailand has declared an extra day’s holiday for January 2nd, meaning that there will be five days’ consecutive holiday this time around and that the celebrations may be better than ever.

“Normally the Bank of Thailand will not set more than four consecutive holidays. To fix Friday January 2nd as a bank holiday will not significantly affect the country’s productivity and it will boost the tourism sector,” said the Bank of Thailand in a statement.

Although the country’s official new year begins in April, attests that its people celebrate along with the rest of the world on January 1st due to the diversity of the people there and the fact that there are always visitors from various countries passing through.

Hotels in Bangkok put up fairy lights and most hotels and bars run special promotions in celebration of the forthcoming new year.

The website suggests that the best places to watch the firework displays that occur are at Sanam Luang and Wat Saket, on top of the Golden Mount.

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