Remember the baggage rules, travellers warned

Anyone about to leave the UK in order to go on a well-earned holiday has been reminded that the normal regulations apply when it comes to baggage restrictions on aircraft.

Security spokesperson for Gatwick Airport, Fiona Carleton, said that with December 27th and 28th looking set to be especially busy days in terms of flights in and out, people should remember that ignoring the rules is likely to cause delays.

She warned: “Restrictions apply to all liquids – including Christmas presents – and I strongly encourage passengers to come prepared so that our operational staff can provide the best possible service to all.”

Liquids are still restricted to containers of 100ml or less and anyone taking presents to friends and family members in their hand luggage is advised not to wrap them, as they may need to be checked at security.

Better still, put them in your suitcase where they can be wrapped and ready to be given to the eager recipient at the other end!

In related news, those going abroad have been urged not to forget to tell their bank.

This is the advice of Peter Harrison from, who said that one person in nine has had transactions that they tried to make abroad refused by their bank.

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