Children ‘are getting plenty of holidays’

Today’s children are getting more opportunities for travel than their parents ever did, new research has revealed.

A poll carried out by has shown that by the time they are 16, children will already have been to 14 countries overseas, compared to the seven countries their parents would have seen by the same age.

Only one per cent of the under-16s can say that they have never left the UK as more parents take their children away in order to broaden their horizons and benefit their education.

In fact, a 16-year-old will have clocked up enough air miles to circumnavigate the globe one-and-a-half times, the equivalent of almost 40,000 miles, the study discovered.

Alison Couper, spokesperson for, said: “This survey shows that the backpacker generation is passing on its wanderlust and love of travel to their children.”

She added that even in times of economic turmoil such as this, people still see holidays as a good way of spending time with their families.

In 2008, found that 27 per cent of babies under the age of six months have already been on at least four foreign holidays.

It certainly beats watching Judith Chalmers experiencing them on the telly!

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