Don’t get fixated on cheap flights, travellers told

A travel expert has pointed out that cheap flights are not the only things people should focus on when it comes to reducing the cost of their annual holiday.

Genevieve Shaw Brown, senior editor of Travelocity, said that many people get fixated on this issue, when they could be looking at accommodation or package deals in order to grab a bargain.

She pointed out that while airfares may decrease further this year due to the declining cost of jet fuel, sitting around and waiting for this is not the best way to get a cheap holiday.

“Travellers need to start concentrating on the total cost of their [holiday] to take advantage of the greatest savings,” she advised.

The company’s poll found that 65 per cent of people will not take fewer holidays this year than they did last.

Meanwhile, Travelsavvy also recently found that holidaymakers are not giving up on romantic holidays, despite the credit crunch.

She said that Venice in particular continues to be a popular choice.

“Perhaps people are turning to romantic city breaks in places like Venice in order to escape the depressing news at home,” she suggested.

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