Holidays to Thailand ‘offering peace and tranquility’

People going on holidays to Thailand in the coming weeks may benefit from quieter resorts and beaches as the country recovers from the political disturbances it experienced in late 2008.

This is according to the Guardian’s Andrew Spooner, who said he visited Koh Samui island in December and found it to be close to paradise thanks to its white sand beaches, clear sea – and the lack of package holidaymakers, even though the country is deemed to be perfectly safe again.

“Choose to visit now and you could experience the kingdom at its best – the palaces and temples of Bangkok are relatively deserted. And, if you get to the beach, you could have a slice of paradise all to yourself,” he commented.

However, this near-silent atmosphere is not likely to remain for too long. Backpackers have already begun to flock back to Thailand’s nooks and crannies, with some guesthouses reported being fully-booked for this month and next.

Soon, the country is likely to be as busy as it was before the brief closure of its airports last year.

Nong Khai is situated on the banks of the Mae Khong River and is some 615km from the tourist haven of Bangkok, according to the Thailand Guidebook.

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