How to get the best from Brazil on your honeymoon

Honeymoon couples should plan their trip to Brazil carefully if they are to make the most of it.

This is the advice of Tom Hall from Lonely Planet, who said in response to a reader query in the Guardian that it is possible to see plenty of great things in the South American country in only three weeks, but that people shouldn’t aim to do too much in different areas.

The expert pointed out that at almost the size of the US, Brazil is bigger than most people realise and that as such, honeymoon couples should stick to the south-east and Rio de Janeiro.

Brazil offers plenty to do for couples looking for an adventure, Mr Hall pointed out.

“There’s good hiking near Belo Horizonte at the Parque Nacional de Caparao, after which you can loop back by bus to Rio via lively beach towns such as Guarapari,” he commented.

Rio de Janeiro also features in a list of the world’s top 25 destinations as compiled by Holiday Extras, ranking fifth.

For couples who want to experience something really different to tell friends and family about upon their return, why not try paying a visit to Chapadao in Brazil?

According to local legend – and the country’s tourist board – it is frequently visited by UFOs.

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