South Africa

South Africa is located on the southern tip of the African continent. It is a vast country with lots to offer; it is known for its diversity in cultures, languages and religious beliefs and eleven official languages are recognised by the constitution.
It is so diverse that it actually has areas that have as many as seven distinct ecosystems. There are very interesting adventures and wild life in South Africa that is not to be missed.
As its coastline is on the Indian Ocean, the beautiful warm sea water is very welcoming to tremendous sea life. Dolphins, sharks and whales inhabit the south in particular where the Indian Ocean meets the Atlantic.
Despite the sharks this warm water is perfect for surfing and water sports! If you fancy exploring then the best way to see the country is tours by air as it allows vast amounts to be seen.
Overfly the South Drakensberg area and view the dramatic landscapes of cliffs and forested river valleys. If you stop for the Zululand tour then you will witness energetic welcome dances to a traditional drum beat.
Canoeing, mountaineering, hiking and biking are also pursuits that you can enjoy. Make sure you visit large memorable sites such as Table Mountain, Johannesburg and Cape Town as it will make your holiday very special!

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