Thailand ‘back to normal’ after December’s disturbances

Tourism in Thailand is pretty much back to normal following political demonstrations last month which saw its airports close briefly.

New figures released by Airports of Thailand show that while only 15,567 people a day were arriving a day in early December, this had risen back to over 28,000 by January 5th.

Governor of the Tourism Authority of Thailand Phornsiri Manoharn said she was thrilled that the recovery has been so rapid for the country and that it shows just how keen tourists are on discovering what Thailand has to offer.

“This is clear proof of the high levels of confidence that visitors have in the kingdom of Thailand, the Thai people and the Thai tourism industry. Amazing Thailand is back in business,” she commented.

The demonstrations saw areas such as Bangkok and Hua Hin cut off for foreign tourists, but beach resorts such as Phuket and Samui were not so badly affected.

This is because they have their own flight routes for charter flights.

Anyone keen on taking an environmentally-friendly holiday could consider Thailand, travel expert Valere Tjolle remarked in a recent article for TravelMole.

She said the country offers a particularly high level of sustainable tourism projects and volunteering opportunities.

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