Your EHIC card ‘won’t cover you for everything’

Anyone going on European holidays in the coming weeks has been urged to make sure they have a comprehensive travel insurance policy on top of their European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) in case of an emergency.

While as many as a third of travellers may currently be going without, InsureandGo spokesperson Perry Wilson warned that the EHIC is not necessarily a passport to completely free, luxury healthcare in every country in Europe.

He said that some countries use the card as a baseline and simply “patch people up” with the minimal amount of treatment, which could leave people seriously out of pocket if they need more than this in the event of an emergency.

“You have to make sure that you’ve got enough [travel insurance] realistically to cover you for any eventuality to come back,” Mr Wilson stressed.

Introduced in January 2006, the EHIC replaced the old E111 form that European travellers used to carry.

They can be used by holidaymakers within the European Economic Area in order to get emergency medical treatment should an emergency happen.

The same firm warned Britons earlier this week that going on holiday without travel insurance and then causing an injury to another person could result in them taking legal action against you.

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