Australian summer ‘is a good time to visit Thredbro’

Although it may be better known as a ski resort, Thredbro in Australia is equally pleasurable to visit now, during the Southern Hemisphere’s summer, it has been claimed.

According to the Sydney Morning Herald’s Sean Mooney, his family are regular visitors to the resort during supposedly off-season months and they always find it enjoyable, returning whenever they can.

He describes Thredbro as “top drawer” for all kinds of travellers, including those with families, single tourists or loved-up couples, putting this down to the fact that the resort is particularly scenic and pretty thanks to all the blooming flowers.

Not only this, but there is plenty to do, particularly for adrenaline junkies, including downhill mountain bike trips and bobsled traks which allow people to hurtle down a steep slope on a metal kart.

Mr Mooney also pointed out that taking a holiday to Thredbro now will give people the chance to experience the resort without having to wade through throngs of other tourists.

“It’s a testament to the fact that off-season doesn’t always mean off-the-boil,” he stated.

Thredbro is located half-way between Sydney and Melbourne and is open 365 days a year.  It should also be easy to reach from Canberra, its official tourist site recommends.

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