Check the insurance small print, holidaymakers urged

If you’re the kind of personal who buys any old travel insurance policy then sticks the documents in a drawer without reading them, then you may want to change your attitude.

Christian Young, spokesperson for the AA, said that many people adopt a laissez-faire manner when it comes to holiday cover, but that this may not be a good idea given the fact that medical costs are soaring.

He pointed out that 300,000 skiers are hurt on the slopes of Europe every year, but that an air ambulance to treat them could set them back as much as £10,000.

Mr Young pointed out that since winter sports are a high-risk activity, they may not be covered under standard insurance unless people specifically ask for them to be.

“This is why it is so important to check your policy before you leave,” he urged.

While comprehensive holiday insurance is vital for a ski break, it should also be checked carefully for sunshine holidays.

The Lancashire Evening Post reports that a woman from Preston will not get back the £6,000 she was forced to spend on medical costs when she fell from a climbing wall, because she used it outside the official opening hours.

It really does pay to check!

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