Holidays to Australia ‘continue as normal’

Britons going on holidays to Melbourne and the rest of Australia need not worry that their breaks will be impacted by the recent, devastating bushfires.

This is according to Claire Golding, Tourism Victoria’s regional manager for the UK and Europe, who pointed out that the blazes are largely confined to areas over an hour-and-a-half away from Melbourne.

Although the blazes were the worst the country has ever seen, Ms Golding said that Melbourne Airport remains open as normal and that people’s holidays will still go ahead.

“This was a terrible thing to happen but, from a tourism perspective, it does not affect most places that British travellers would visit,” she remarked.

Approximately 200 people are now known to have died in the bushfires, which began last weekend.

Meanwhile, for those looking for things to do with their family while in Melbourne, a tram ride along Route 86 could be just the ticket.

Running from Waterfront City Docklands in the city to Bundoora in the northern suburbs, the tram ride allows visitors to stop off and enjoy some of the city’s top eateries, writes Belinda Jackson in an article for the Age.

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