Indian state to become hub for eco-holidays

People keen on reducing the size of their environmental footprint this year may be please to know that a state in India also intends to increase its green credentials.

Jammu and Kashmir tourism and culture minster Nawang Rigzin Jora announced at a recent conference that the region is to implement a number of projects in order to make sure that it retains its natural beauty for generations to come.

He stressed that key players in the state’s tourist industry will be encouraged to put green measures in place and to stop “selfish human interference” when it comes to habitat management.

“We have to create a balance between tourism and [the] environment so that this vital industry becomes sustainable in the long run,” Mr Jora added.

Jammu and Kashmir state is in the northernmost part of India and comprises an interesting mixture of deserts, temperate valleys and sub-tropical forests.

It also contains an amazing array of different plants and animals, many of which are unfortunately featured on the Red List of endangered species.

Much of the western Himalayas also lies in Jammu and Kashmir, perfect for people who like their holidays to include a spot of mountain trekking.

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