People ‘will still go on adventure holidays’

People intending to go on adventure trips will carry on pretty much as normal with their travel plans, despite the credit crunch, it has been found.

Chris Doyle, vice-president of the Adventure Travel Trade Association, pointed out that this kind of trip is more likely to survive an economic downturn because it tends to be a once-in-a-lifetime break, as opposed to a simple package holiday.

“Adventure travellers are passionate about what they do [and] view travel as a fundamental part of their lifestyle and identity,” he remarked.

Mr Doyle added that these people would be more likely to cut back on luxuries – for example, buying branded goods in supermarkets – than they would be to cancel or not book their holidays in the first place.

The report also found that adventure travellers are more likely to be driven by a destination choice than they are by cost.

According to the 2008 Adventure Industry Research Roundup, released late last year, the Middle East, south Asia and Central and South America are all popular with people looking to experience new things.

Adventure travel is not limited to water rafting trips – it can include birdwatching breaks and volunteer holidays, including eco-tourism.

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