Thrifty Brits make haggling trips

People from the UK are not afraid to haggle their way to a bargain while on foreign shores, it has emerged.

According to a recent poll, Brits are saving themselves a collective £1.7 billion by bartering locals down on prices, an average of £32.20 per person, discovered.

And this wasn’t limited to souvenirs on market stalls either – people were found to be negotiating prices on everything from taxi fares to meals in hotel restaurants.

Indeed, 76 per cent of people from the UK said they had used this tactic while on holiday.

Alison Couper, spokesperson for, said that she was not surprised to see that haggling is becoming a buzz word for this year.

“Those who are willing to practise the art of haggling on their holiday are likely to find that their money will go even further,” she pointed out.

Brits may find that people selling goods in markets expect to haggle with tourists, even pricing their items higher to start with on order to begin the negotiating.

According to the BBC, this may be pertinent news for anyone going on holiday in Thailand – it states that haggling is practically a national pastime there and holidaymakers should expect to be proficient in the art by the time they leave.

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