Airport Lounges – Start looking forward to your trip much earlier

I recently travelled to Iceland and decided to pay for a business class lounge for the first time. I have to say it was one of the best things I have ever spent my holiday money on.

Usually I leave arriving to the airport until the last minute. I hate hanging around. I hate queuing, I hate having to avoid people trying to make me enter a competition to win a sports car that I know I never will … or can never drive out of the airport if I did!!

However this time was different. I had booked myself into a business class lounge. It only costs £18 and it means for 3 hours you can enjoy peace and quiet, along with as much free food and drink as you want!

Instead of rushing to the airport at the last minute I made sure I was there as soon as I could get in the lounge. This meant no queues, I could pick my seat on the plane and I could avoid the overpriced food and drink at the usual airport shops.

As I sat in the lounge pouring myself another Jack Daniels and Canada Dry I tried to hear the clutter of baggage trolleys, screaming children and repetitive security announcements. I couldn’t … it was bliss.

For the first time my holiday started 3 hours before my flight took off

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