Iceland Holidays – Out of this world

When you arrive in Iceland you feel that you have arrived in another world. There are prehistoric lava fields which stretch as far as the eye can see with dramatic mountains in the background. They don’t do hills in Iceland. Its endless flat plains or dramatic mountains.


Reykjavik is more normal with contemporary architecture blended in amongst traditional wooden buildings. You feel a bit like a European ski resort.


Transport is great with small mini buses shuttling people around from the main coach station.


There is plenty to see in the city with restaurants, bars and historic places of interest all within reach. However it’s away from the city where you can enjoy the main attractions that Iceland has to offer.


We recommend a whale watching trip in the summer months. You can stop off at “Puffin island” before “hunting” the huge variety of whales that Iceland has to offer.


Away from the water there are a huge variety of inland activities to enjoy. We recommend the Blue Lagoon and the Golden Circle tour where you can see dramatic waterfalls, geysers and the Eurasia/America continental fault line. You can also enjoy a city bus tour, quad biking and horse riding. If you travel in the summer where there is 24 hours of sunlight you can even take part in golf up until midnight!


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