Looking for Holiday Ideas? – Holiday searches can take the shine off the holiday

The average holidaymaker takes over 8 hours to search for a holiday. Part of this can be fun as you look at pretty pictures but most of it is quite stressful as you have to research sunshine, rainfall and temperatures for the time you want to travel.  You don’t want to spend a fortune on a holiday only to turn up to find it is pouring with rain. If you are travelling with a partner and you booked the holiday then it can also be the first holiday argument!

So how you you get some great holiday ideas without having to thumb through lots of brochures or spend hours and hours surfing online? Let me introduce you to the world’s easiest holiday finder…

Our new tool allows you to select the weather, your max flight time and it shows you the best countries and hotels in the world that fit your holiday requirements. To use this amazing new tool just click on:-

holiday ideas

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