Top 5 things to do in Antigua

Antigua holiday companies bang on and on about the 365 beaches that there are in Antigua. One for every day of the year etc..

However when you want to go on holiday to Antigua (or anywhere else for that matter) do you really just want to go on the beach all week? I know that some people do but if you get bored after a few hours under the sun and want to so things a bit more intresting then here are some suggestions.

If you are staying in the South of Antigua then you can enjoy English Harbour and Shirley Heights. English Harbour is worth visiting during the day so you can see the major yachts and also the historic Nelson’s dockyard. During the evening (especially on Sundays) I would recommend Shirley Heights with its stunning views, sunset, BBQ and bar. It’s a great place to relax and socialise.

For the more energetic I would also recommend Sting Ray City on the South East coast and also Paddles Kayaking. The latter in particular is great fun as you can canoe in and out of the mangrove groves that help protect the island and its wildlife.

If you are staying in the North of Antigua then you can enjoy the capital of St Johns. There are also the cultural highlights ranging from churches, forts and museums to the old cricket ground and markets. You can also take a helicopter trip to the volcanic island of Montserrat or the ferry to Barbuda.

If would like further details then visit the full report at Things to do in Antigua

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