Japan, more tourists friendly…

Japan is said to be ‘recruiting’ foreigners to visit the country in a bid to provide information as to how Japan can make their country more travel friendly. 

 The government are going to pay travellers from various countries, including England to visit key areas of the country and comment on the transport facilities, local restaurants on offer and the local hotels. This is because the country is trying to increase it’s tourist numbers. If you aren’t one of these lucky travellers, (I’m not sure how you get to be picked!?) then here is some advice for visiting Japan.

Best time to visit…

The best time to visit Japan is between March and April for Cherry Blossom season where you can attend many cherry blossom festivals, these dates vary across Japan depending on when the cherry trees blossom. This is an important part of Japanese culture, and where people enjoy eating home cooked meals under cherry trees.

Things to do and see…

Tokyo, you can’t visit Japan without visiting Tokyo for it’s bustling atmosphere and unique experience, the city is like no other in the world. It is the best place to start or finish your travels to Japan. The Yamanote train line allows you to see a lot of the city in one day doing a lap around Tokyo.

Kamakura is also worth visiting; situated along the coast around an hour from Tokyo, here you can see some fantastic temples and enjoy some hiking trails in the Kamakura hills.

Nara is also worth visiting, being Japans first capital city it is full of culture and history, being home to some of Japans oldest and largest temples.

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