Spanish Strike causes more travel Chaos…

Stranded tourists in Spain have started to return home after the Spanish government threatened baggage controllers with a possible prison sentence should they not return to work.

20,000 holidaymakers were stranded in Spain after air traffic controllers walked out of work causing local airspace to be closed.

Ryanair put on extra flights in a bid to ensure as many travellers got home on time as possible and to help minimise the effects. Easy Jet also put on extra flights to get passengers home.

The strike is said to have caused huge damage to the tourist sector, with many areas missing out such as Madrid which was fully booked for the country’s biggest shopping weekend before Christmas.

The strike by the baggage controllers was about working hours and over time, after the government pass laws restricting overtime and tightening up on working hours.

Since Friday night 1682 out of 5032 flight scheduled to leave Spain had been cancelled.

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