Weather Chaos moves south…

Yesterday it was mainly the North of the country that was feeling the effects of this adverse weather, today however Gatwick airport has closed, with no flights arriving or departing until tomorrow morning (Thursday 2nd December) before 6am.

Passengers have been asked not to travel to the airport; some flights however are being diverted to Luton.

Gatwick airport has been closed since 10.30pm on Tuesday after 6 inches of snow fell, causing between 550 and 600 flights have been cancelled.

Following on from yesterday… will this additional chaos cause travellers who would usually plan to escape the winter freeze cut their losses and spend Christmas with family in front of the fire?

With there still being time to book that Christmas escape or even the after Christmas detox…! Holidays Please recommend the Indian Isles as the weather is usually very warm this time of year. This is Thailand’s most pleasant time of year; November to the end of February brings a cooling north-east breeze and lower humidity.

Holidays Please also have their own customer care team and you will have your own holiday advisor who will help you throughout.

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