Why the weather doesn’t affect our service…

The weather; even in freezing conditions, manages to be the hot topic amongst us Brits! We place it with such importance, no wonder the infrastructure of the country collapses the minute it goes below 0 degrees! From delayed mail to school and airport closures, we literally come to a standstill. But not at Holidays Please …!

Where most high street agencies battle with agent staff who have simply been unable to get to work; leaving no one to answer the phones and help clients.  Tour operators such as Holidays Please employ agents who predominantly work from home. Meaning all you holiday shoppers can always make contact with either the customer care team or their own holiday advisor; we’re always on hand to make sure you receive the advice that you need.

Most airports have now re-opened and travel chaos is starting to fizzle out, although some flights will still be cancelled, subject to delays.

If you’re looking to book a holiday and you’ve been stranded in your house or let down by you local travel agent… make an enquiry with Holidays Please now and a member of our team will soon be in touch quick!

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