Brits Over Troubled Waters

Last week the British Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO) revealed its latest incident figures for Brits travelling abroad. It seems us Brits don’t half get ourselves into a spot of bother or two when on our holidays.

From the results compiled by the FCO, Spain, the USA and France came out to be the top 3 destinations where Brits are likely to get arrested. A shocking 1,909 total arrests/detentions were made in Spain last year according to the latest figures, with a huge 1,105 of Brits being hospitalised.

Although down by 20%, drug arrests were still seen as a significant problem for our nation when abroad, especially in areas such as South America and the Caribbean. As a result, the number of British tourists needing assistance (Consular support) by the FCO whilst on holiday rose by 3%.

To ensure your holiday doesn’t end up with you being in prison, hospital or even worse, the FCO urge Brits to remember these 3 tips when travelling this summer:

*Get comprehensive travel insurance – and read the small print!

*Check the health requirements – so you can get the right vaccinations and malaria medication if required.

*Research your destination – the more clued up you are, the smoother your trip will be.

As always, our Holidaysplease travel consultants are happy to help you when travelling abroad and can provide you with expert impartial information about how you can stay safe whilst on holiday. Remember, having a British passport does not make you immune to foreign laws… it’s better to be safe than sorry!!

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