Do Thomas Cook redundancies signal the end of high street travel agencies?

As Thomas Cook looks to close almost 200 of its branches, do the public still need the high street travel agent to get the kind of service they require when booking a holiday?

high Street closing down?

Thomas Cook is a worldwide brand and for many a brand you can trust. They have been providing a personal service since 1841 and grown to become one of the largest travel companies in the world. However, heavy overheads, significant bank borrowings and new competition from the internet have proven to be a monumental challenge.

In a world where anyone can launch a website and offer holidays in hours, Thomas Cook have been hit by the surge of internet based companies.

But is that what people want? Faceless companies? Call centre staff instead of your personal adviser?

As an internet company ourselves we know how easy it can be to ignore the personal element if you are not careful. We have lower overheads, more technological efficiency and we don’t interact with customers “face to face”. We could hide behind this remoteness and it would be easy to do so.

However when you are selling luxury holidays you have to provide a service that the high street has excelled at for years. People want to speak to the same adviser, they expect you to be available at their convenience and they expect the sort of knowledge that a high street travel agency manager can provide.

We are listening and learning each day, striving to achieve the same kind of success that Thomas Cook have had in the past. We are not suggesting we get it right every time, but by trying to emulate the high street service you are bound to get it right many more times than wrong.

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery and imitating the high street shows we know that customers want this service for years to come. We feel therefore, the high street travel agent is certainly going to survive ……… but not necessarily just on the high street.

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