From Greek Tragedy to Summer Loving

What a difference a year makes, Greece in February last year was on the brink of bankruptcy and being bailed out by its European counterparts. But one year on there now seems to be a light at the end of a very dark tunnel.

Greece has just announced that it expects to welcome a record 17 million visitors to its country in 2013 and that’s up 5 million from 2012. Many believe that the world is ready to give Greece a second chanceGreece Revival, and Greece is ready to take it with both hands.

A year ago the tourism industry in Greece was on its knees, corruption was rife and the survival of its currency in doubt. I was there and it was a place in turmoil. I can’t remember one smiling face, everything was a bit half-hearted and despite exceptional weather and the great tan I got, the feeling was that many people had given up hope – Where had that famous Greek hospitality gone?

Now fast forward a year, add political stability and the thought of millions of extra people boosting the country’s economy, means Greece is now looking like it could be one of the most popular European destinations of the year. A rise in tourism will be a huge financial boost to Greece and help give the financial stability it craves.

Greece is a beautiful part of the world and quality hotel prices are at an all-time low. With tourism booming, more jobs for local people and business’ thriving – maybe, just maybe you might see them smiling this year!


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