The Truth About Travel Insurance

FCO LogoThe Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) has recently finished its research into holiday insurance and found that a staggering 50% of all British travellers don’t check they are covered when going on a ‘adventure’ holiday.

When travelling abroad it’s important you take out the insurance that covers you for holiday you’re going on. The majority of standard insurance does not cover you for ski accidents or accidents involving ‘adventurous’ activities.

The study shown that 3793 Brits were hospitalised in 2011/2012 on holiday, around 10 per day.

To highlight the importance of having the correct travel insurance, the FCO have released an infographic (Click picture for larger image)

We urge all of our customers to ensure they have the correct cover when venturing on holiday.


Here are some of the key statistics:-

1. 24% went abroad uninsured in 2012
2. 48% were between 15-24
3. 16% believe travel insurance to be unnecessary as the government will pay for treatment
4. Only 12% read the travel insurance documents
5. 82% admit to taking part in more ‘adventurous’ activity
6. 70 people per week are hospitalised abroad
7. 78% of people wouldn’t have the means to pay a 10k bill for a loved one abroad
9. Average medical claim £914, average non-medical £408

Before you go on holiday have a look at the kind of activities you might do and check your travel insurance covers you. It would take 10 minutes to read your documents, but might end up saving you 1000’s. 


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