Adventures Into The Great Unknown

Every one at some point in their lives needs an adventure – You’ve seen those ‘do before you die lists’ and they always stir up a sense of excitement. Following on from the world’s most unusual places blog, I thought I’d bring you a selection of adventures that take you into the great unknown.

In 2014 countries are connecting better than ever, with near seamless ease, there is no better time to go out and explore places that can really ‘give you stories’.

The World’s Biggest Bath Tub – Victoria Falls

Devils Pool - Victoria Falls

Located just above one of the world’s biggest waterfalls is a pool, which at low tide, you can only reach from a Zambian Island with a very experienced guide. You’ll swim to the pool with your guide and he will show you the rocks edge, where you can see millions of gallons of water roaring right beside you.

Take Over A Hamlet – Montverdi, Tuscany.


Ask yourself this – How many people do you know that have taken over a hamlet? Exactly… You can hire the three villas, take a group of friends and have your own beautiful Italian setting. Complete with a chapel and restaurant at your disposal, you’ll learn to cook Italian-style and sip the wine produced from the vineyards outside your window

Ski With Millionaires – Aspen, Colorado


The little town that attracts many of America’s millionaires is actually pretty down to earth. Wide powdery slopes and a huge selection of Apres-ski – Going to the world famous J-Bar is worth the visit alone. Here you can sample the famous cocktails that were disguised as Ice-cream during the prohibition.

DIY Log Rafting – Sweden


You’re given camping equipment, plans on how to build a raft, 170 spruce logs and 500 yards of rope but no nails or hammers. Once you’ve built your vessel you spend the rest of the week floating 60 miles down the Klarälven river, through the forests, at about 1mph; stop where you want, sleep on the raft or camp on the river bank. You, nature, wide open spaces and eco-tourism at it’s finest.

Find A Middle Of The Desert Oasis – Siwa, Egypt


‘Entering Siwa is like Dorothy opening the door to Oz’ – A great quote to sum up the excitement as you enter this enigmatic part of Egypt.  Two large saltwater lakes fed by fresh water springs dominate the oasis, surrounded by a forest of date and fruit trees. Home to the Oracle of Siwa, the Mountain of the Dead and the old town. Donkey carts seem to outnumber cars on the road in this sleepy part of Egypt.

Visit ‘Eight Hundred Islands’ – Mergui Archipelago, Burma

Mergui Archipelago

If you’ve seen one island then you’ve seen them all right? Wrong! With Burma a hot destinations for 2014, many people haven’t heard of their best kept secret – The Mergui Archipelago. A collection of around 800 islands, with many of the beaches so untouched they haven’t even been named. Predicted to have a boom of Asian tourism, go and see these whilst they are still in their natural and undeveloped state.

200 miles north of Phuket, across the border you’ll find the odd hotel, a few sea gypsies and one of the most remote and beautiful places in the worlds – Imagine the sugar white sands and turquoise waters.

High In Ethiopia – Helicopter Safari

Helicopter Safari

Another destination set to make a big impact in 2014 is Ethiopia – But why not shun the traditional safari and try it helicopter style? One minute you’ll be flying high above the clouds and the next zooming down for a close up of the local villages and wildlife. By pass the Addis Ababa traffic and experience wide open plains, mountain tops and rock-hewn churches.

Andes To Amazon – Peru

Andes to Amazon

One minute you’ll be suffering in extreme humidity and the next reaching for a hot water bottle and blanket. The sheers diversity will not only leave your head spinning, but also full of memories from the magnificent surroundings you’ll encounter.

Swim With Penguins – Betty’s Bay, South Africa


From Cape town to Hermanus you can do some serious marine life spotting.  The drive down the R44 to Betty’s Bay is spectacular with unspoilt views of False Bay, but the African Penguins littered at this small harbour town will really take your breath away. Although South Africa has some decent viewing points, it’s at Betty’s Bay you can swim with these cute creatures.

Safari Like A Prince – Tanzania


Surrounded by Persian rugs, antiques and your gourmet food served on silver plates comes a place that’s famous for having Hollywood stars and Middle Eastern Princes. Situated on a 130,000 acre private reserve the Singita Sabora Tented Camp, in Tanzania normally watches the Wildebeest migration go straight by – If it doesn’t you’ll be put in a private jet and taken right to it.

Own Your Own Island – Kamalame Cay, Bahamas.  


From safariing like a prince, to living like royalty on your very own private island. I’m not talking about one of those ‘private islands’ that still have a few other couples on, I’m talking about making the island completely yours. Your island, your way, and as long as it’s legal you can do anything you want.

Private chefs cooking up culinary delights, all the activities you can imagine and having the opportunity to call that piece of paradise all yours (for a week at least). King and Queen of your very own Island – Imagine that!

These adventures are just waiting to be explored – Where would you go? 

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