Financial Mis-selling Scandal Leads to Boost in Holidays!

We have all had those annoying phone calls about Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) claims from time to time and most of the time it may not even apply to you. Money has been reimbursed to those who were mis-sold PPI on loans, credit card, overdrafts and more. Those who do have rights to PPI claims have been celebrating their windfall on holidays!

Lily Beach Maldives

With pay outs of £13.3 billion, holidays have proven to be the most popular way to spend such dividends. Of the thousands of people who have received compensation, 24% of them have treated themselves to a holiday and only 12% decided to put the money into savings.

Along with travel, consumer goods lead the way on what else the money has been spent on.

22% New car

19% Home appliances

17% Bills

13% Home furnishings

12% Savings

10% Clothes

8% Gadgets

5% Shoes

3% Groceries

Have you had been paid back from being falsely sold PPI? What would you spend it on?

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