New Travel Inspiring Flight Routes For 2014

Is it February already? All the new year excitement has died down and it’s time to start thinking about your 2014 holiday. Airlines have decided to open up the world even further with some new flight routes, that make those hard to reach destinations a little easier. Some of the new routes haven’t really featured on the ‘tourism map’, before and give holidaymakers yet more access to the ‘big wide world’.

Here’s our pick of the best new flight routes in 2014?

Gatwick – Phuket (Thailand)

Gatwick - Phuket

I’ll kick off the list by cheating slightly, with a route that was actually launched in November 2013. Not many people are aware of this new route from Thomson though. Phuket now has an abundance of luxury hotels and a boat load of activities to keep you entertained – From island boat rides to some of the best food in Thailand, this destination has something for everyone. Available now

Edinburgh – Doha (Qatar)


If your preferred airport is Edinburgh then start to rejoice, as Qatar Airways have opened up a route to Doha. Now if you’re not bowled over by Doha as a tourist destination, then think about the bigger picture – This route opens up seamless connections to pretty much anywhere in the world. Another plus point is hard to reach destinations like Burma, Uganda and Bali will now be much easier to access from Edinburgh. Route starts May 28th 2014.

Gatwick to Jakarta (Indonesia)


The Indonesian airline of Garuda is launching a direct flight into Jakarta from Gatwick. This route not only opens up easier access to the Indonesian capital, but it also offers connections to Borneo and Sulawesi for the adventurous. My favourite however is the easy access to South East Asia’s up and coming beach destination Lombok. Just off Lombok’s coast are the Gili Islands for cocktails and a beach life paradise. Route starts May 29th 2014

Manchester to Antigua, St Lucia and Barbados (Caribbean)


Thomas Cook gets another mention with three new routes from Manchester to the Caribbean. The popular destinations of Antigua, St Lucia, and Barbados are more accessible than ever from the North of England. Available now


Heathrow to Manilla (Philippines)


The only direct flight to the Philippines in the UK, this journey can shave off around 5-7 hours in time. Manilla is an acquired taste so maybe head to the Pagsanjan River where Apocalypse Now was filmed or try the extraordinary trek through a valley of ash to Mount Pinatubo’s jaw-dropping Crater Lake. Available now

Stansted to Rabat (Morocco)


Doesn’t get the recognition of the other Moroccan cities but the capital city actually packs a punch. Rabat is modern, French built and its centre has recently been named a world heritage site. The main attractions include a world class medina (dating back to the 17th century) the Oudaias Kasbah and the extravagant Mausoleum of the former Moroccan king Mohammed V. Starts February 5th 2014

Gatwick and Manchester to Puerto Vallarta (Mexico)

Westin Puerto Vallarta

Cancun has long been a favourite for holidaymakers, but in 2014 the Pacific coast of Mexico is really being opened up with a couple of direct flights. Puerto Vallarta is a town with a unique party vibe, but beyond the beaches you have a host of activities – Snorkelling in clear blue waters, luxury yacht sailing, and off roading tours in the Sierra Madre Mountains will keep you more than busy. Manchester starts on May 1st and Gatwick from May 3rd 2014

Manchester to Charlotte (USA)


One of the surprise flight routes for 2014 is the inclusion of a US Airways direct flight to Charlotte. The area surrounding Charlotte is a hikers dream, and once out of the city you can head west towards Blue Ridge Parkway and Great Smoky Mountains National Parks. Hiking, biking and waterfalls are here in abundance and an also array of amazing scenery. If you head the other way towards the coast you’ll see old world cities Charleston and Savannah. Also visit Kill Devils hills for the site of the first ever flight. Check out the Wright Brothers Memorial there. Starts May 23rd 2014

Heathrow to Austin (USA)

Austin Texas

The Texan capital city of Austin is the US’ fastest growing city and full of fun. This youthful destination is walkable and rammed full of excellent, authentic live music venues. The famous Texan barbecued meats are available in the many steak houses, and if you love a museum then you have plenty of those too. British Airways will be flying direct, so get yourself to Austin and discover your new favourite music band. Starts March 3rd 2014. 

If you’re searching for ideas for a 2014 holiday then have a look at these possibilities.  – With airlines getting a little creative, what better way to discover a new destination that with one of these excellent new flight routes. 


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