See Before You Die – Hotel Edition

Occasionally ‘see before you die lists’ can sound a little morbid, but the reality is you don’t want to look back and think ‘what if’?.. If you’ve got a bucket list, get ready to get your pen out and add this list of unbelievable hotels somewhere near the top.

Our ‘See Before You Die – Hotel Edition’ is a captivating list of those far flung hotels you might not of knew existed. 

8) Äscher Cliff, Switzerland


Switzerland can change from a hilly landscape of the more central area, to the craggy alpine scenery of the Alpstein Area. The Äscher Cliff is a stand-alone establishment, but within easy reach of Berggasthaus Aescher hotel.  Literally WOW!

7) Hotel Kakslauttanen, Finland


One of the best ways to view the Northern Lights is in your very own glass igloo. The Hotel Kakslauttanen offers stunning views of the Northern lights, whilst flat on your back in a nice warm panoramic igloo – One of the truly great Northern Lights experiences.

6) Ladera Resort, St. Lucia

St Lucia

Ladera was once part of Rabot Estate, one of Soufrière’s oldest and most famous cocoa plantations. In 1982 it was transformed into the unique resort it is today. Casually hang around high in the cliffs with views of the stunning Pitons.

5) Manta Resort – Zanzibar


How many of you have stayed in your very own floating underwater private island? Not many hands up i take it… Without stating the obvious, this is a once in a life time opportunity that not many will ever get to do. – Definitely one for the adventurer and those with nerves of steel.

4) Villa Escudero, Philippines


Powerful waterfall lapping at your feet whilst you dine, sounds like a lot of fun to me – Another one of a kind experience you’ll struggle to find anywhere else in the world.

3) Montana Magica Lodge, Chile


It’s shaped like a volcano, it spews out water instead of lava, and you can only get to it by a rope bridge – The Montana Magica Lodge looks like the kind of place hobbits and Ewoks hangout, but this unique hotel sits right in the middle of a 300,000 acre nature reserve, and is pretty luxurious too.

2) Attrap Reves Hotel – France


A cozy little cocoon to discover nights under the stars but without the drawbacks: Forget the humidity and insects, this is an ingenious concept you can enjoy all year long, no matter what the weather.

Each bubble has its own unique identity and the decor changes depending on the ambiance you want. You can choose from Zen, Nature, Glamour, 1001 nights or Chic & Design – Nice!

1) Hotel Ubud Hanging Gardens – Indonesia


Something very enchanting about this picture, and it really captures the imagination – A raft floating on an infinity pool, with a couple of beds, a few expertly places umbrellas and bang in the middle of a rainforest – Sounds like someone made up this romantic setting, but it does actually exist at Hotel Ubud.

With literally 1000’s of amazing hotels in the world it’s impossible to include them all, if you have any you think should be in the list then let us know! 

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