World’s Greatest Unknown Driving Holidays

Route 66, the Pacific Highway, and Australia’s great ocean road are all popular choices for those wanting to experience the freedom, and adventure of a driving holiday. Now don’t get me wrong, those mentioned will provide an amazing experience, but how about adventures away from the more commercial routes? Adventures that could make you feel like you’re the only ones left in the world…

Here’s our top 5 great unknown driving routes.

Namibian Desert


Namibia is completely off the beaten track, and a self-drive destination that is full of awe-inspiring landscapes, ancient culture and some of the best wildlife viewing in southern Africa. Located between the Atlantic Ocean to the west and the vast expanses of the Kalahari Desert, the easy to navigate from roads from Windhoek will take you down the coast, through sand dunes, seal colonies and shipwrecks.

Chile – Carretera Austral


Chile has driving routes just begging to explored, but not many people are brave enough to venture through the remote wilderness of the Chilean Patagonia. Although challenging, the route called ‘Carretera Austral’ stretches 1,200km from Puerto Montt to the Chilean Lake District. The Southern Patagonian Ice Field offers some of the most breath-taking views on the planet.

New Zealand North to South


Despite New Zealand gaining lots of popularity from the ‘Royal Tour’, it’s still a relatively unknown quantity in the fly-drive world. New Zealand has something for everyone, and during the summer months it should top of everyone’s self-drive list. Lively charming cities, stunning coastlines, mountain ranges, rare wildlife and roads that are well connected – adding great food makes it a self-drive utopia.

Mountains and Glaciers of Alaska


Alaska offers something completely different to other USA fly drive holidays, and it deserves to be recognised all by itself. Only a few places in the world can offer the drama and beauty of Alaska – Towering mountain ranges, breath-taking glaciers and lush green forests can line the roads in the summer months. Very little traffic means it’s just you and the wide open road.

Iceland’s Golden Circle


Iceland boasts some of the most spectacular geological features, found anywhere else in the world. Relatively small in size and population, but huge in terms of attractions. This tour is a nature lover’s paradise – A self-drive through the Golden Circle and southern coast takes in active volcanoes, thermal pools, vast glacial lagoons, giant waterfalls, black lava fields and the original geyser – What more could you ask for?

The popularity of a self-drive holidays have come back with a vengeance. Holidaymakers are becoming more adventurous and challenging us to provide first class experiences – For information on any of the above visit the holidaysplease website.

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