World’s Most Extraordinary Hotel Rooms

From the classy and elegant to the unbelievably outrageous, themed hotels are taking over the world… Ok so maybe not taking over the world, but they are now more popular than ever. So how would you feel about a stay in a themed hotel room? From the “largest undersea luxury dwelling ever built” to staying in a 007 inspired room. This selection of themed hotels is a must for the eccentric adventurer.

The James Bond Suite at Hotel Seven – France

007 Hotel Seven

With exceptional décor wrapped around a vintage chic and futuristic design, the 007 suite at Hotel Seven will let you live like a Bond film hero. Style, luxury and elegance and a boat load of 007 films to watch, means you might never want to leave the room.

The Karen Blixen Suite at Giraffe Manor – Kenya


This unique suite at Giraffe Manor has endangered Rothschild giraffes, peaking their heads into the room. Encouraged by staff members, they stick their heads through the open windows to be fed a piece of mango.

Palms Hotel’s Barbie Suite – Las Vegas

Las Vegas Barbie

Barbie’s dream house comes to life courtesy of interior designer Jonathan Alder at the Palms Hotel, Las Vegas. Corseted “dress” chairs, custom wall coverings, an oversized Jacuzzi, and 65 actual Barbie dolls are just a few of the amenities in this over the top hotel.

Hard Rock Hotel’s Rock Star Suite – Dominican Republic

Rock Star Suite, Dom Republic

Costing around £6,500 per night, you can experience a true rock star experience at Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Punta Cana. This is the brands first all inclusive accommodation and the 1,800 square-foot room includes a grand piano, LED framed jellyfish tank, custom-designed pool table, hot tubs, and loads more designed to make you feel like a celebrity rock star!

Michelberger Hotels Gold Room – Berlin

Gold Room

This completely over the top room manages to be chic and stylish at the same time. Everything as you can guess is ‘golden’ and has been described as a ‘dynasty style’ room. Big screen, mini bars and a fire place are just a few of the lavish room amenities.

Winvian Helicopter Room – Connecticut

Helicopter Room

This unique cottage is the home to a 1968 Sikorsky Pelican Helicopter. The amazing ‘chopper’ has all the originals, but with mod-cons like flat screen TV’s and a cockpit you can take cocktails into. Watch films in the fuselage or relax by a glowing woodstove – A completely unique experience for lovers of aviation.

The Nautilus Suite at the Poseidon Undersea Resort – Fiji


All around the ‘Poseidon Mystery Island’, an unspoiled tropical marine ecosystem awaits its visitors. Designed to provide the most inspiring underwater experience for guests, the hotel is still yet to be completed. This would be the ultimate experience for those who love everything nautical.

So who’s up for trying something a little different on their next trip? Let us know your favourite! 

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