Holidaysplease’ Chief Programmer At The White House

Going to the White House is not something you’re able to do every day, and few are lucky enough to invited. However brushing shoulders with President Obama, important members of Congress and even singer/entrepreneur was our very own technical chief Russell Pinnington.


Now you might be wondering – How does Russell go from doing all things ‘tech’ for Holidaysplease to meeting The President? Every year Russell flies to the states to be part of a project called Electric Giraffe. The 17ft tall, 2200-lb robotic giraffe that “walks” on wheels and is powered by a 12-horsepower hybrid fuel-engine motor was specially selected to appear – Russell helped with the programing on the Giraffe that plays music, features innovative lighting displays, and carries up to 30 people in its carriage.

Barack Obama, Lindsay Lawlor

The Maker Faire is in its first year at the White House (10th in total) encourages inventors, engineers and designers to show off the skills that are future of technology in America – After realising the kind of skills Russell possesses it makes a recent Outlook problem I had seem a little redundant.

After reading around 20+ articles, it was clear the amazing Electric Giraffe was the star of the show. This eye catching giant even has Russell’s voice. The official website name for the Giraffe is ‘Rave Raffe’, but the American media are calling it Russell the Giraffe. Russell does actually speak directly to The President here – Around 20 seconds in.


This is a fantastic achievement and as one of our directors, Richard Dixon said in his Travel Homeworking blog – If the technology that our programmer is involved in creating is good enough to impress The President, then you can only imagine what he’s doing for Holidaysplease.

Great stuff Russell – Well done!

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