Train Pain Vs Plane Sailing

Train journeys can easily be the bane of a commuter’s life. Picture repeated delays due to ‘slippery rail tracks’, ‘leaves on the track’ and cancellations because of ‘signal failures’, let’s face it train journeys can be long and arduous – also a pretty decent chance that in peak hours you’ll be packed in like a sardine.

Here’s a look at some holiday destinations you can reach in the same time (or less) by plane. The next time you struggle with a long commute, just think you could be somewhere much more interesting.

Journey from Glasgow to Norwich by train takes 7 hours 41 minutes


Instead of spending an painful train journey lasting almost 8 hours, wouldn’t you rather end up somewhere a bit more glamorous?

For example you can end up in exotic Dubai in just over 7 hours and get to grips with extravagant shopping trips in the Dubai Mall, Mall of the Emirates and many other places. Dubai offers many activities including a desert safari, luxury spa experiences and even an opportunity to go skiing.

Journey from Manchester to Cardiff by train takes 3 hours 7 minutes


On a 3 hour flight from Manchester you could go on a relaxing beach holiday to the Algarve in Portugal, or down to the French Mediterranean coast. Relax and unwind on sandy golden beaches and enjoy some stunning scenery.

How about a city break to the capital of Portugal, Lisbon? Or maybe Barcelona? Explore these charming cities with picturesque architecture and warm climates.

Journey from Birmingham to Ipswich by train takes 3 hours 17 minutes


In just over 3 hours 20 you could be arriving in Malta and relaxing near the beautiful Mediterranean. For sun, sea, sand and culture, Malta is a short flight away. Discover the rich history and heritage of Malta which boasts an impressive 9 World Heritage Sites.

Journey from London to Middlesborough by train takes 2 hours 56 minutes


A short plane journey from London could put you in Budapest, in just 2 hours 26 minutes. Enjoy the beautiful city of Budapest located in Eastern Europe with fascinating markets, beautiful buildings and vibrant nightlife.

Journey from Liverpool to Southampton takes by train 4 hours 29 minutes


Jet set off from Liverpool airport and in the same time it takes to get to Southampton by train, you can arrive in Tenerife by air. Experience one of the most popular island destinations in Spain and enjoy the volcanic landscape, gorgeous beaches and plenty of sunshine – not to mention a whole host of luxury hotels and resorts.

Journey from Edinburgh to Plymouth by train takes 9 hours 35 minutes


A train journey from Edinburgh to Plymouth takes longer than a direct flight to New York – it’s also around the same length as a flight to the Caribbeani know where i’d rather be! The bright lights of Time Square and Broadway await your arrival along with sights including the Empire State Building and Central Park. If you don’t fancy New York, how about Jamaica or St Lucia?

So now we’ve whet the appetite for a holiday to escape the daily commute, get onto the holidaysplease main site and choose your perfect destination –  Let us know your thoughts, as always we’d love to know what you think… 

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