Where do travel agents go on holiday? – Part 2

Travel agents spend all their time advising other people on where to go on holiday. But given the choice, what holidays do they choose to spend their own hard earned cash on? For the second part in this series we feature 4 holidays chosen by travel company sales staff:-


  • Traveler: Philip Grout-Smith
  • Professional travel experience:- Working in travel for 43 years.
  • Holiday taken: Dubai
  • Why did they choose Dubai? It was his wife’s birthday and he wanted to impress. Being in the industry he also knew there are often many special offers to Dubai. But don’t tell her! The destination has that exclusive feel but at an affordable price.
  • What hotel did they stay at and why? The Jumeirah Beach Residence as it is situated directly on the main beach and close to Dubai Marina. Because it is one of the oldest hotels in the area, it has 14 acres of stunning landscaped gardens. The grounds contain 3 swimming pools with a good number of sun loungers and shade and the 10 restaurants offer superb food.
  • Show us the photos……

Jumeirah Beach – Dubai


jumeirah 3 jumeirah 2 Jumeirah 1






  • Traveler: Catherine Harris
  • Professional travel experience:- Professional travel adviser and addicted to travelling!
  • Holiday taken: Peru
  • Why did they choose this destination? Catherine was fascinated by the history of the country. She wanted to visit Machu Picchu, one of the Seven Wonders of the World. Here you can hire a (preferably non-cheesy) English speaking tour guide who will show you around and tell you the untold tales of this extraordinarily stunning beauty spot.
  • What hotels did he stay at and why? She wanted to stay in an authentic Peruvian chain of hotels so she chose to stay in the Casa Andina in each city she visited. Guaranteed to be a 3 star plus she found the hotels to always be in a good location and each offered a flawless service.
  • Show us the photos……

 Casa Adina Hotels – Peru

Casa Andina 1 Casa Andina 2 Casa Andina 3






  • Traveler: Susan Appleton
  • Professional travel experience:- Working in travel for around 40 years
  • Holiday taken: Mexico – the Riviera Cancun
  • Why did she choose this destination? Susan wanted the opportunity to relax in gorgeous surroundings and experience a bit of Mexican culture at the same time. She went to see the Chichen Itza – one of the new 7 wonders of the world – well worth a visit.
  • What hotels did he stay at and why? Susan wanted a hotel that was right on the beach and had stunning views so she chose the Zoetry Paraiso de la Bonita. This is an all-inclusive hotel which offers three restaurants within the price and all of the drinks are ‘top shelf’. Only 15 minutes from Cancun, the hotel is in the perfect location if you want to be part of the action.
  • Show us the photos……

Zoetry Paraiso – Mexico
Paraiso 1 Paraiso 2 Paraiso 3






  • Traveler: Sean McHale
  • Professional travel experience:- Has been a travel agent since 2002.
  • Holiday taken: Tuscany, Italy
  • Why did he choose this destination? Sean wanted to experience living like a local. He wanted to eat local produce that had been grown on the surrounding farms and drink Prosecco from the overlooking vineyards. In particular he enjoyed learning how to cook Gluten free.
  • What hotels did he stay at and why? Sean wanted an authentic Italian experience so he stayed at the Park Hotel in Le Fonti. This is a family-owned, upmarket 4 star hotel which offers a delicious dining experience whilst you drink in the stunning views of the Tuscan Hills. This hotel is not run like a business, the owners genuinely adore looking after people so don’t be surprised when you feel like one of the family after just a couple of days.
  • Show us the photos……

Park Hotel Fonti – Italy

Park Hotel Fonti 1 Park Hotel Fonti 2 Park Hotel Fonti 3





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