Unlikely holiday destinations seeing growth

When you’re planning a holiday and you start to think about destinations, Albania and Uzbekistan are probably not top of your list, but these are some of the destinations that are expected to see a growth in travel over the next 10 years. An analysis of The World Travel and Tourism council (WTTC) growth figures revealed some unlikely holiday destinations to emerge as holiday hotspots over the next decade.


Angola- 7.3% annual growth

Angola 1Angola 2


Angola is expected to become a popular destination for tourists. Now the country has started to recover from its civil war. Also, Kissama National Park is undergoing a massive rehabilitation where wildlife has been brought in from other parts of Africa. They have also re-established the railway network and made improvements to the country’s infrastructure. It’s the perfect place if you want to see the first green shoots of a new tourist destination.


Gabon- 7.3% annual growth

Gabon 1Gabon 2


Located on the west coast of Central Africa, the infrastructure in Gabon is poor but with plans for improvements and re-generation, tourists will soon be able to take advantage of everything Gabon has to offer.  Gabon boasts a picturesque coastline perfect for fishing and whale watching. Rich forests cover 70% of Gabon’s landmass providing plenty of safari opportunities.


Mongolia- 6.3% annual growth

Mongolia 1Mongolia 2


Even after the fall of Mongolia’s Communist regime in 1990 the country still remained an unpopular destination for tourists. After the 1990 Democratic revolution Mongolia’s government started to put a considerable amount of money into tourism even providing a tax exemption scheme for hotel construction. For example the Kharakhorum 13th century complex is being re-built with tourists in mind; it will include hotels, casinos, restaurants, shopping centre and airport.


Lebanon- 6.2% annual growth

Lebanon 1Lebanon 2


Lebanon has been a popular tourist destination in the past but the Lebanese civil war killed off tourism virtually overnight. Most of the tourist infrastructure was destroyed but now with the civil war behind them Lebanon has repaired the damage to most cities and expects to increase in popularity once again.


Uzbekistan-6.2% annual growth

Uzebekistan 1Uzebekistan 2


After breaking from the Soviet Union in 1991 Uzbekistan has made considerable progress bringing in tourists to the country. With a variety of impressive mountain ranges, Uzbekistan has become popular with rock climbers and hikers. There is also the great Silk Road and medieval city of Khiva to enjoy.


Albania-5.6% annual growth

Albania 1Albania 2


At the time of the fall of Communism in 1992, there was not much tourism in the country but 20 years later tourism has steadily started to pick up. Home of three UNESCO world heritage sites, rugged hills, mountains and old fortresses, people have started to think of Albania as a must-see destination.  Albania even has plans to turn a former Military base on Sazan Island into a tourist attraction.

These locations are definitely for people with a sense of adventure who want to seek out the most unique locations on offer in the world. These holidays would definitely gain you bragging rights with your friends.


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