Travel Unravelled With: Chloe Brown

Tasty Thai food, sunbathing disasters and doggy butlers – travel expert Chloe Brown picks out the memorable moments of her 12 years in travel!

Bio – I studied Travel and Tourism at college and left straight from there to work with a very well-known tour operator. This is where my passion for travel began. I have been working in travel now for 12 years and I love it. For most of my 12 years, I’ve been selling luxury long haul travel to destinations such as Thailand, Indian Ocean, Sri Lanka, South Africa, Caribbean and loads more! I love what I do because I enjoy helping people and sending people on the most amazing holidays!

chloe brown photo Hong Kong

Best ever holiday and why: That’s tough…I’ve had so many great holidays, but I’d have to say my honeymoon to Thailand! We did Elephant Hills, which was amazing and such a unique experience. The floating tents on the river were just super!

Top travel tip: Stuff things in your shoes in your suitcase…don’t waste the space!

Dream holiday and why: South Africa…I really want to do a safari!

Something you don’t get on the plane without: My hoody and a good book!

Best experience of customer service on holiday: when we arrived late at the Santiburi in Koh Samui and dinner had stopped serving, but the staff went out of their way to make some amazing food and let us sit in the restaurant and enjoy our meal.

Worst experience of customer service on holiday: when I went on a holiday to Lanzarote and we waited an hour and a half at the airport for a pick up transfer…it was a cheap internet deal a few years back though, so you get what you pay for!

Most embarrassing moment: Visiting the Hard Rock Hotel in Pattaya, being shown the top suite and then being sick all over the floor ooops!

Favourite world cuisine: Love love love Thai Food

Funniest moment on holiday: Falling asleep with my hands on my belly and waking up with sunburn and two lovely white hand prints on my stomach!

Worst holiday and why: That’s a hard one because I don’t really have one…even on the holidays that perhaps didn’t meet my expectations, I’ve always made the best out of the situations and enjoyed myself!

Strangest request from a customer: to make sure there was a TV in the room whilst on honeymoon.

A holiday you were most jealous of that you booked: A recent honeymoon – I’ve booked someone do the Elephant Hills….I want to go back!

How could travel improve? Airlines should not put their prices up in school holidays…it’s not like fuel increases during that time of year. It’s purely for more profit and not fair as it restricts so many people from being able to travel!

What’s the most over the top customer service you have heard of in travel? A doggy butler…yes a butler that looks after your dog on holiday (if you take your dog on holiday). The Las Ventanas al Paraiso in Mexico has dedicated dog butlers to take your dogs on walks, give them massages and lots more!

And finally, the thing you love most about travel: Learning something new about the world every day and being lucky enough to get to travel to such lovely destinations to experience them myself.

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